Aw, baby! It made me tear up reading that that I couldn’t be there to see your Re-Enlistment. :'( I am so proud of you and can picture in my mind how cool it was and how handsome you looked. You KNOW I was there in your heart, right there with you. Just like I am right now. Can’t wait to see the pictures & video. 6 more years, wow! How do you feel?? SO PROUD OF YOU! Coin sounds sweet! We get to add it to the collection. 😉

How’d helo ops go? All good? How’s your back feeling??

Work day was busy. Did weigh-ins this morning, then spent the day closing out the last of my 4 retirement guys. After his ceremony and reception, had him sign his DD214 and gave him his orders and travel claim, and yay he’s done! I am officially out of Retiree files, maybe forever!

I’ll pick up your passport on Monday.

Just got home from the Midwife appointment, and it went GREAT, honey. She measured the baby and got 30 centimeters (I’m 31 weeks just as of today), and you can have up to 2 cm off either way, so she said she’s growing right on target. I saw Maura again, the one we saw together before. She spent time with me in there really answering my questions and calming any worries I had– we even talked about Pitocin, haha. She said we need to make our birth plan, but continue to keep an open mind and know all the options because it is all so unpredictable. I told her about the cramps that go away with water; she said my body’s just gearing up for labor. She also said I can take that primrose oil stuff I was telling you about starting around 37 weeks. Um.. She felt the baby. She’s head-down, but facing outward (her spine is right up against mine), and that makes labor much more painful if they don’t flip, so she said if at the next appt or two she isn’t facing my spine, I’ll have to do certain positions to try and flip her that way. Oh, and my favorite part was when she was checking her heartbeat, our baby kept kicking exactly where she set the Doppler stick to the point where it made her laugh. It was so cute. Maura was like, “You & your husband have a VERY smart and interactive baby on your hands!” So I told her about the flashlight game I play with her and that she got her smarts and personality from her dad. 🙂 So the appointment was good, eased my mind along with what you said. Anyway- next appointment there is in 2 weeks. I wish more than anything we could be doing this together….

Our diaper bag/backpack arrived from Grandma. It’s cool– we did a good job picking it out together!!

Super tired, happy it’s Friday. Missing you so bad it hurts. Play your voicemails over and over to hear you… :'(

Come home soon so we can have our baby!!!

I love you so much.. with all my heart forever.






Katy Gillen, left, and husband Marine Cpl. Jeffrey Gillen prepare to say goodbye at Camp Pendleton before deploying to Afghanistan. The couple is pregnant with their first child, a daughter who is due in May.