Hi Katey! Mom said since I was missing you so much that I should write you. I’ve been wondering where you’ve been, but Mom says you’re somewhere called “Boot Camp.” That sounds like fun to me! I like to camp, and having lots of boots to play with must be wonderful! I hope you are having fun! Mom got me a new bone (I sent you a picture), but I bet boots are better. I’ve been trying to be good and keep the crazy cats in line, but it’s a full time job. When I get tired and lay down for my nap, they sneak up and beat me up while I’m sleeping. I thought I was imagining things until Mom showed me this photo she took– she only caught Cooper, but Clooney has been involved, as well. I’ll keep you updated on my findings. Dad continues to be making a lot of noise in the front room of the house– taking walls down, then putting them back up, and my beloved front windows are now too high for me to see out of. HOW DO THESE PEOPLE EXPECT ME TO ALERT THEM OF SOMETHING GOING ON OUTSIDE IF I CAN’T SEE?!? Don’t they know there have been some really suspicious-looking squirrels in the neighborhood??? I voiced my concerns to Mom and she said she will put a chair there so I can get up and look out. THANK HEAVENS FOR MOM! She’s the ONLY one that understands how important my job of keeping the house safe really is. Dad pets me on the head, but I suspect he thinks I’m just a dumb dog who licks my butt all day– which, by the way, everyone knows is good hygiene!!! Olivia doesn’t pay much attention to me unless I get in her way, and all she says is that I smell again. I’m a dog– DUH!! So based on these facts, Mom is the ONLY one who understands me now that you’ve left for camp with boots. I miss you and all the new smells I’m sure you’ve picked up at camp. Please come home for a visit soon!! Always remember there is a dog in Selma, Indiana who will love you forever!!

Chew on a bone for me at camp!!