Back-to-School Box Swap with

It’s that’s time again!
Hard to believe Summer is closing out and another School Year is about to start.

@HelloMamaWella is one of my dear mama friends and one of the sweetest souls gracing the planet.
She is absolutely one of the kindest people you’ll ever come to know.
She always thinks of others before herself, and her thoughtfulness is always above and beyond.
It’s safe to say she makes the world a better place, and I consider it a huge blessing
straight from God to even know her!

We actually met at the beginning of our blogging journeys together!
She runs a blog about Ohana, Homeschooling, and Hawaiian Life.
You can visit it here!

Back in December, we decided to do a Christmas Box Swap,
where the rules were a $25 cap and that all items must be from Target’s Dollar Spot.
I don’t know if you know this, but every Target’s Dollar Spot slightly different!
(I even have two Targets close to me down the street from other another,
and I find different things at them!)
It was SO fun because the items we gave each other were not the same! In fact, I hadn’t even seen most of what she sent me at either of the Dollar Spots here! It was also fun being able to bless someone with a gift without worrying about money! Both of us are passionate about staying within our family budgets, but we also like to give, so this checked all the boxes.
You can check it out here!


This year, her son will be in Kindergarten (big deal!), and Maddelyn is starting her first year of Pre-School,
so MamaWella had the super fun idea of doing a Box Swap Round 2.

Same rules: $25 cap, Target Dollar Spot, “Back-to-School” Theme

This would be something so fun and budget-friendly to do for a friend or even a teacher basket! Target offers amazing items in their dollar section that would guarantee a smile on anyone’s face. They make it easy to bless people with some kindness! You can channel your inner-Oprah, “YOU get a gift! And YOU get a gift! And so do YOU! EVERYONE gets a gift!”

Maddelyn LOVES getting mail. (What kid doesn’t, right?)
When something comes from Hawaii, she jumps up and down and dances around shouting, “I love Ms Wella!”
When our Box Swap box arrived, this time was no different. 🙂

MamaWella is SO sweet with her cards she sends. She’s quite the artist and uses her talent to bless us with beautiful handmade art. (I actually have something she has sent us before framed!) This time, she used bright colors to decorate cards for both Maddelyn and me. Isn’t the sunflower so pretty??

Maddelyn absolutely loved hers. She said it looks like where Moana lives. I told her Ms Wella lives where Moana lives. 😉 It was the best I could do to help her visualize Hawaii. She also loved her little lightbulb! Cuteness overload.

She loves hearing me read her mail out loud. After I read the card, she said, “Aww Ms Wella is so sweet. She loves me! I wish they could come to my house.” 🙂 Me too, baby girl!

It didn’t take long for Andrew to figure out something fun was happening without him…

It felt like Christmas! These two had SO much fun!!
They actually took turns pulling items out of the box.
(*angels singing*)

I couldn’t believe everything MamaWella sent!! She is always so creative and thoughtful in her gifts.

Andrew was doing everything in his power to get his hands on markers.
He’s a pretty strong little dude with a ‘tude, too, so he promptly let me know of his displeasure each time I took them away.
Sorry, bud.

188 Stickers!! Now that’s a lot! And we definitely go through stickers around here, but even moreso since I’ve been working with Maddelyn in Pre-K books. She loves putting stickers on sections she gets all correct!

Double-tipped markers– so cool! Can’t believe these were in the Dollar Spot! Target seriously doesn’t put shoddy items in their dollar section. Everything is always amazing!

I love these books! We had some similar ones, but not this particular one, so I was super excited when I saw it!
These books are amazing! And they’re labeled in the top-right corner what grade level they’re for.
Here’s a peek inside this particular one…

Maddelyn actually LOVES doing these, and I love working in them with her.
It’s a great go-to for us to do together when Andrew goes down for his nap.

And so are these!…

Maddelyn loves all three of these! I’ve started letter recognition with her, so the Apple deck is very helpful with that.
Playing Memory with this fun deck of bright-colored animals is super fun! We love doing this game outside on the picnic table.
And playing the blue deck is super fun– seeing who can find the “matching jobs” the fastest, as she says.
Her cousins are coming over for a sleepover this weekend, and I think this is a game they’ll definitely enjoy playing it together!

She even threw in a gift for Mommy. The bright orange and hot pink pens are SO fun and make it feel like Summer is still in full force. The checklist is PERFECT. How cute is it?? I like that I can categorize the list by ‘Things to Do,’ ‘Things to Buy,’ or ‘Things to Remember.’

And super-cute pencils for Maddelyn to bring with her on her first day of Pre-School!

‘The Star Spangled Mama’ got an America-shaped cork board! I thought this was the cutest!!
I still haven’t hung it up yet– I think I’m going to hold off a little bit because I have an idea I want to use it for later,
but seriously, how cute! And again, can’t believe it was in the Dollar Spot.

Maddelyn loved every single thing, but these two were probably her favorites…

The pad is a great size for little ones, a great size for table-top, and would be a great size for traveling. It’s a THICK pad of paper, and the paper doesn’t let marker bleed through, so definitely a win-win! Look at all that paper!!

Maddelyn grabbed her pad and markers and climbed right up to start drawing.
And the scented markers made for a super fun sensory experience! Andrew even got in on it!
He seemed to like the grape the most, and Maddelyn said she really liked the Lemon. 🙂

Lastly, we opened this awesome pack of shape + number magnets!

They are fun to match my color, separate by shape and numbers, and line the numbers up in order, plus combine the numbers to make “bigger numbers.” This was such a hit with the kids, and was something they enjoyed doing together!

Maddelyn told me she “feels ready to start school with her new school things from Ms Wella!” 🙂

If you’re looking to bless another Mom, another family, your niece, nephew, playmates, anyone…
REMEMBER Target’s Dollar Spot!
They have good quality items without the stress of spending,
so treat yourself or someone else to a little bit of kindness and joy
and celebration of what’s next!

Love on your kids, and Moms, love on each other!
It’s going to be a great school year!
Let’s make it so!


See what we sent to Hawaii here!

MamaWella & Keone,
Thank you SO SO SO much for our Back-to-School gifts.
You two always know just what to send!
Thank you for sending these blessings our way– they definitely helped set the tone of excitement that school is almost here!
And Keone, you have the best Mama!
We love you guys!
Thank you so much, again!!


(Box Drumming.. always a good time. 🙂 )


What are your thoughts on this?


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