Sports Theme

I know it’s not just me when I say… Where the HECK does the first year go?! Like, I don’t even know.

Anyway! We just had another First Birthday in the house, and you guys, it was a good time!
Who doesn’t like sports? The invitations said ‘Dress to Tailgate’ and that we did.
1-year old Style, of course!

I was never so into birthday parties before than I am now as a Mom.
Creating magical moments for your kids is one of the most fun parts of parenthood,
and birthday parties are the sweetest opportunities to free some of your creativity and tailor it to your child!

For Maddelyn’s first birthday, we did a Shabby Chic Circus theme, complete with a tulle circus tent.
It was all elegant and gorgeous and completely screamed ‘First-Child’s-First-Birthday.’

For Drew’s, I definitely felt like I’d set the First Birthday bar a little high for myself.
I mean, you can’t go ‘big top’ for one kid and not at least try to ‘hit a home run’ for the other.
So that’s what I went for. Drew got himself a Sports Theme.

It was such a cute little blast, so today I wanted to share with you photos from the day,
where stuff was from, and how it all pulled together!

Let’s play ball!

The main living space in our house has a large sliding glass door with floor-to-ceiling windows on each side.
Besides letting amazing natural light in, they are fun to accentuate when decorating.

I ordered four paper lanterns: a baseball, a football, a soccer ball, and a basketball
from the Paper Lantern Store online.
Note this store in your Mom Memory Bank forever.
They were $2 each, great quality, and beyond simple to assemble.
Plus, the Paper Lantern Store is always running coupon codes, so I got a discount on the already low total of $8.
These lanterns received so many compliments during the party. They really helped make the party,
and I loved that I could suspend cuteness in the air without worrying it was going to fall down and hurt someone.

The windows were perfect for displaying football game plays.
The window marker was what you’d use to write ‘Just Married’ on a car,
and cost $3 from Party City.

Simple black streamers helped frame the window in.
They still said birthday party without being too much.

The silver 1 balloon… a must, in my book.
My kids always have and will forevermore have those giant number balloons for their birthdays.
At least, if I have anything to do with it.

Both the streamers and balloon were from Party City.

I do pictures walls for my kids’ birthdays of photos from their past year.
I love it, as the Mom, and really feel like it’s just another great way at the party
to celebrate your baby’s new milestone. You’re not only showcasing their growth, but actually
kind of letting the people there with you share in on those moments leading up to why you’re all there!
It’s also a great audience ice-breaker and disperser.
Not everyone comes into a party hollerin’ ‘HEY,’ ready to chat it up with everyone.
Photos give introverts something to look at and do until they warm up to the atmosphere.

I get the photos printed at Target because I love their price and quality the most.
Aaaand I seem to always be there anyway.
(Aren’t we all?)

The name letters were on sale at Hobby Lobby for $4 each. They’re an incredibly strong tin,
and I know I’ll use these again for him in the future, most likely in his room.
The stand-up chalkboard for his Stats was also from Hobby Lobby, and I think it was $14.
Kind of expensive for what is it, but it’s good quality and something I’ll definitely use over and over.

His ‘Stats’ included his Height, Weight, that he ‘Bats Right,’ what Team he plays for,
and his likes and favorites. Went perfectly with the sports theme.

The baseball bat was already mine, and the basketball we already had, too.
In fact, it says ‘’ on the side- haha.

The little soft football, the ‘We’re #1’ Fingers, and the plastic baseball trophy all came from Party City.
Not expensive at all, and really added fun details that made the party.

I got the baseball from Target, called it the ‘Game Ball,’ and had everyone who attended sign it.
It’s the perfect souvenir from the day and such a cute memory added into his Baby Box.

His ‘Lil Brother’ onesie is from TexasTeesPlus on Etsy, and it’s actually the outfit
we put him in when Maddelyn came wearing her ‘Big Sister’ shirt to the hospital to meet him
for the first time. The cap was the one we brought for him to wear in the hospital.

The Drink Station was one of my favorite parts. It turned out so cute!
We also had a giant sideline cooler filled with ice and drinks on the back patio where
people were hanging out.

The tin ‘Concessions’ sign came from Hobby Lobby. It was expensive (to me). In fact, I almost didn’t buy it.
It was $15. But it ended up looking perfect, so whatever, but I probably won’t use it again.
(If you’d like it, just let me know and we can work it out! I’d rather you get use out of it!)

The chalkboard was in the Target Dollar Spot for $3.

The cups and whistle were from Party City, and the paper straws I ordered from one of the deals was running from a company called ‘More Sprinkled Joy.’
I wanted the black-and-white to channel referees!

Of course, there were water and Gatorade line-ups.

Yellow napkins for Penalty flags.

Babe Ruths and bubble gum because duh. 🙂

And you could ‘buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jacks,’ too…

The paper cups were from Party City.

The football field runner looked amazing on this table!
It was another deal from a store called ‘Print the Party.’

I made the football brownies, as well as the cupcakes,
and the pennant picks came from Party City.

I topped the smash cake with bouncy balls from Party City.
The yellow ‘1’ candle was from there, too.

My amazing Mom found the sports wrapping paper at Target, and it was perfect.

The wooden crate the cake is sitting on.. also from Target.
Because, let’s be real, where else REALLY do  awesome things come from??

Don’t laugh at the cake decorating skills. They’re a work in progress. 🙂

I made the banner in the background out of felt.
GUYS! Never underestimate what you can do with felt! It’s relatively cheap and you can make SO MUCH from it.
(Besides, handmade is always a great way to show your love!)

My Mom’s present-wrapping skills are next level.
If she hadn’t been there, I would’ve had everything in bags with way too much tissue paper.
Crisis averted. Thanks for making everything better, Mom!

The plates and platters were all from Party City.
So cute. And again, can be used another time.

We had little ones (ages 0-2)…

… and older kids (ages 3-7, or should I say 3-59) there,
so we made sure to fill the backyard up with a good range of activities for everyone.

These homemade goals for the soccer ball are yellow pool noodles staked into the ground!
So easy, so cheap, and SO much fun!

Our main entertainment was the baseball piñata.
It was basically geared toward the bigger kids and the Dads, haha.

Instead of candy, I filled it with sports whistles, sports wristbands,
baseball bat keychains, sports-themed pencils, bouncy balls, things like that.

All of that, including the piñata, was brought to you by Party City.

My handsome husband manned the grill…
in my favorite part of the day…

Our Team SHIRTS!

They were the cherry on top of the day, for sure.
This adorable family set of 4 was done by EmbroideryMania on Etsy,
and I couldn’t have been happier with how they turned out.
Great quality, great sizing, and sweet show-stopper, and
like I said, just the cherry on top.

Drew did have an outfit change. This little ‘1’ jersey was for his cake smash,
and he totally looked like a little blue-eyed hunk in it.
I ordered it off Zazzle; it was done by logotees.

The scoreboard I made out in the garage one night after the kids went to bed.
Keith Urban kept me company, and yeah, it was such a fun little project.
The black poster board I grabbed for $4 at Office Depot,
and the white All-Purpose Paint was $8 at Hobby Lobby for a very large bottle.

And just in case you were wondering, ‘Bubbaroo’ is what I’ve always called him.
Not exactly sure how it started, but I think I mixed ‘Bubba’ + ‘Buckaroo’ and ‘Bubbaroo’ was born.
So weird. #sorrynotsorry

This banner is from HandmadeByVee on Etsy because shopping small and supporting other Moms is just where it’s at.

At first he wasn’t sure what to think…

… and then it took all of about 3 seconds for him to decide this was the

He did not appreciate it.

Everyone still sang through the entire song anyway. It was great.

We entertained about 20 people at our house that day.
This was our family group shot…
at the end of the day…
when everyone had clearly had too much sugar and Gatorade.

But look at all the sweet babies, though!
*insert all the heart emojis*

And true to theme, Mom gifted Drew this ADORABLE sports toy from Target.
It’s literally one of the coolest toys I’ve ever seen, and the kids both love it,
complete with counting basketball hoop + basketball, counting soccer net + soccer ball,
gears, levers, cheering scoreboard, everything. It’s the cutest thing ever.

What an awesome day! An awesome day for an awesome little guy. So proud to be his Mom.

We love you, Bud!

I hope one day you look back on the photos and know how loved and celebrated you were then and will always be.


  • mamawella

    Looks like you all had a blast! I totally agree with you on planning birthday parties as a fun part of being a mom! I love planning parties 😀 I love your details!! So creative and I love the creativity with keeping things on the not so expensive part. I must check that paper lantern store!
    Way to go mama!

    May 12, 2017 at 1:12 am Reply
    • the Star Spangled Mama

      I don’t know what I would’ve done without those lanterns, actually! haha! They are always running good deals, too! What’s been your favorite party you’ve done for Keone?? You are so good at them! I love the Descendants 2 party you just did! Easy, but SUPER fun!

      August 16, 2017 at 2:07 pm Reply

    What are your thoughts on this?


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