Tuesday June

I honestly couldn’t wait to share this shop with you.
Spring is coming, which means Baby Season is upon us, so this is something you need to know about!

I actually stumbled upon ‘Tuesday June’ through Instagram, and am sooo glad I did! Immediately fell in love with even just the look of their products. Once I received them, literally, light came out of the box and angels started singing. They’re that good.

I’ve tried it all. All the brands. All the different styles of this and that. Everything. I’ve tried it.
(Don’t even get me started on baby-wearing and carriers…)
I also have an obsession with blankets, and am secretly picky about them– eek!
My babies have accumulated 26 blankets between the two of them, and I honestly only have liked 1– until now…

This blanket by Tuesday June is. my. FAVORITE… EVER.

The top is 100% cotton, and isn’t the print amazing? It’s from the ‘Brave’ Collection. The rounded edges and stunning scalloped stitching are examples of the attention-to-detail I love so much about Tuesday June. The underside is an incredibly soft minky material. The weight of the blanket is just right; I’ve used this blanket on my son on cold nights and it kept him warm, and I’ve used it on him on warmer nights just so he has a little weight on him, but he never got too hot. I’ve come in a few times to him hugging the soft side in his sleep. I know this blanket is going to be his one keepsake blanket for years and years to come. Hopefully he’s not still sleeping with his baby blanket at 25 like I was *cough*cough* (see, I told you I had a thing for blankets… *eye roll*), but I know it would last that long.
The quality is just outstanding.

Maddelyn wasn’t into pacifiers past a month old. We had four or five pacifier clips for her and never used one of them. Then my son came along and is one-in-the-same with his pacifiers, but guess how many clips we had upon arrival? One. And it did okay for awhile, but eventually frayed and had to be replaced.
Out went the JV Pacifier Clip and in came Tuesday June– Varsity.

I like their length– not too long where they are going to tangle up around your baby, but just the right length for Baby to grab themselves. Drew was able to easily get it and put it back into his own mouth when he wanted it. They are made sturdier, and with stitch-sealed edging, than the standard pacifier clips. No where on these babies is going to fray and nothing on these babies are coming loose. Plus, they are in the gorgeous fabric of your choice.
Like I said– Varsity.

And speaking of Varsity…

… the BIBS! Am I the only one who occasionally throws out a bib because it’s fallen apart in the laundry? Or because it just didn’t survive your child’s last food encounter? Or because the velcro is shot? Hate doing it, but it happens. And with the velcro bibs, Drew pulls them right off the second I turn. So I especially love that these bibs are not velcro– they securely snap with a pearlized button closure. Drew tried to pull it off, but then didn’t seem to mind that he was outsmarted this time… 😉

Then we had a little too much fun taking pictures. Well, I did. 😉

And one more for good measure…
I asked him for his best model face. 😉

Even Big-Sis Maddelyn had to check out his new duds.
Then she told me Drew looked handsome.

The back is a soft Turkish terry waffle material, which brings the bib up to the perfect thickness. I’ve used bibs that didn’t do their job when it came to spit-up or spilled sippy cups– leaked right through to the onesie. Soon… I tested Tuesday June’s, and am proud to report that nothing. leaked. through. Total Christmas miracle. Again, outstanding quality and equally beautiful product.

I love the ‘Brave’ Collection because of it’s Aztec-y, Native American design;
I know it’ll translate well over the years as I change my son’s room decor. It goes with his little dinosaur…

… but also looks very cool in his Peter Pan theme.
Ties in the Native American teepee across the room (not shown); Neverland had pirates AND Indians, remember? 🙂

Again, this print is from the ‘Brave’ Collection.
There are three other gorgeous collections: ‘Bloom,’ ‘Dandelion,’ and ‘Nile.’
It will be difficult to decide, trust me!
There are also many, many items to choose from– from pacifier clips to Boppy pillow covers.

Beautiful. Comfortable. High-quality. Long-lasting. Keepsake-worthy.
Whether it’s for your own nursery or someone else’s,
you’ll guarantee a precious baby both sweet days and sweet dreams with the Tuesday June label.

Click over to see for yourself here!

A special Thank You to Tuesday June for  sponsorship of this post.

All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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