Christmas Box Swap
with @HelloMamaWella

Well, hello December! Where did you come from??
Do the holidays just completely sneak up on us, or what? Please tell me it’s not just me…

This year is my first year with two little ones, and my brain has been all over the place.
We’re two weeks out from Christmas and I’m like hmm, we should probably send Christmas cards…..
My usual perfectly-organized and well-thought out gift list is lost in space somewhere.
And wherever it is, it has the budget with it.


One of my dear fellow Blogger Mom friends, @HelloMamaWella, and I
decided to set life’s craziness aside for second to bless each other, aaand…
as two Stay-at-Home Moms, to bless each other on a budget!
We decided on a Target Dollar Spot “Mommy & Me” Box Swap with a $25 limit.
What made this extra fun is that different Target Dollar Spots sell different items (did you know this?),
so with her being in Hawaii and me being in California, we had a low probability of gifting the same items.
We wanted to show you can gift a sweet and thoughtful group of fun presents this season, both in a flash and on a dime!

How cute is it that she wrapped everything?? It was seriously Christmas-Morning-in-a-Box!


I’m totally dictionary-definition obsessed with Target’s Dollar banners. They are THE best.
This one is an adorable vintage-looking Christmas-colored pennant-type banner,
and since my two kids will be sharing a room by next Christmas, I saved it to put up in their room next year. It’ll look so, so cute!

A weekly list pad! All the heart-eye emojis! It’s like we have known each other for years!
I plan on using it beginning on January 1st, and keeping it next to the computer specifically for blog/vlog to-dos.

She added in a sweet mini desk calendar, too. *swoon*

Out came a puzzle for Maddelyn, and what @HelloMamaWella didn’t know is that M had asked for this type of puzzle with a farm picture on it from our Target, but we passed it by that day. She wanted the farm one because of the horse on it! Soooo, when M pulled out this barn-shaped puzzle box with horses on it, she literally about keeled over in uncontainable 2-year old excitement!!

Next came these Jenga-style stacking blocks and super-adorable wooden rolling cars. The little red one with the Christmas tree on top warms my heart more than a cup of hot chocolate does. Maddelyn and Daddy had a chance to build and stack with these blocks, and did they make a mean “giant tower!” Drew, on the other hand, doesn’t want to let go of the cars– the police one, in particular. Which is fine, because I like the red sitting up on on my desk, haha.

Perfect size for his little hands, without any small scary parts! He loves when we roll it back and forth together (police siren sounds included).

In all honestly, Maddelyn has been asking to make a “Gin-bread House,” but I am not ready whatsoever to do that this year. Next year, yes. This year, no… When we opened this, I got to sell her on the fact that this was a “Gin-bread House” she could color on, and boom, it worked like a charm! We’ll save the icing for next year’s house; this year, markers will do the trick!

Lastly, I could NOT believe this was in a Dollar Spot. How COOL.
I thought, surely she went rogue and picked this up in the book section…
But nope, she stuck to the rules!
I LOVE this little recipe book. We have people over and do a lot of dips and finger foods,
so this was an awesome ‘for Mommy’ part of the “Mommy & Me” theme.

She also thoughtfully added a taste of Hawaii in for us. So incredibly sweet!!!
Mauna Loa Macadamias… as close to a vacation to Hawaii as I can get right now.
Thank you, Lowella, for making that possible! 😉

Maddelyn LOVVVEEEDD “helping” open and unwrap.
Especially since she kept discovering fun things that were for her!


@HelloMamaWella said, “It’s like pen-pals kicked up a notch!”

So if the holidays are sneaking up on you like they have me (insert eye roll),
remember the ever-wonderful-angels-are-singing-glowing-with-the-light-from-heaven Dollar Spot at Target.
I love that we were able to bless each other with fun and actually usable gifts on a budget!
‘Tis the Season!


@HelloMamaWella is a hard-working home-schooling Mama from Hawaii
who is one of the sweetest souls you’ll ever meet.

She pours herself day-in and day-out into her son, and it shows! I love her creativity and organized lessons.
Her blog is about their adventures on the island and in homeschooling.

If you’d like to visit @HelloMamaWella, plus see the gift box I sent her, click here!



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