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Did you get the chance to get to a movie theater and participate in Kirk Cameron’s ‘Revive Us?’
If you did, was it not amazingly inspiring and refreshing?

Kirk Cameron called a ‘National Family Meeting’ for everyone concerned about the future of our country in its current situation, specifically Christians. He flew in Dr. Ben Carson (Brain Surgeon and prior Presidential Candidate), Francis Chan (author of the renown book ‘Crazy Love’), and many others to have serious discussions together, pray together, and worship together, led by Passion (my personal fave, second to Chris Tomlin). It originally aired Tuesday night, October 18th out of Chicago, live-broadcasted into theaters all across the nation. It was held in real-time so everyone could watch together. How cool is that?! They even did a Live Q&A via Facebook. It was incredibly comforting and powerful to be in a room full of believers who didn’t know each other, but who came to meet together for the same purpose. It didn’t feel like church, per say; it actually felt like a giant Family Meeting. Due to immediate popular demand, it was replayed in theaters for a second showing the following Monday night, October 24th, and after two showings is still being requested once more.

So if you didn’t get to go yet, you still can! It’s going to be showing for its second encore on Tuesday night, November 1st.
Check your local listings. I promise it’s something you do NOT want to miss out on.

I honestly wish I’d brought a notepad with me. The entire showing is full of insightful, feel-good, and inspirational messages;
however, these two statements, in particular, stood out to me…


In response to a live question from Facebook in which Satan was referred to as “the god of the world,” Kirk Cameron comes back with this: “the Devil only has as much power as people give him.” By now, you know I love me some bottom-lines! So obviously, I love this. It is such a powerful one-liner reminder. We may be tempted, but God promises He will always provide us a way out of the temptation. We may struggle, but God promises He will never let us deal with more than we can actually bear. We may feel defeated by the Devil, but the truth is, the Devil has already been defeated… and he knows it. That’s why he fights so incredibly hard to bring us down with him. Kirk reminds that God holds the keys to heaven and earth, and that yes, while Satan is currently allowed to prowl and influence, greater is He who is in us than he who is in the world.


Jennifer Rothschild, an author and speaker, wasn’t born blind, but she’s blind now. She gives her moving testimony, and takes you through the way her blindness affected her faith and outlook on life. This is a woman who would have every right to be angry—I know I would be. I would have a difficult time accepting the sudden and permanent darkness, re-learning how to function in the world, even not being angry at God. Jennifer juxtaposes all of that and exudes positivity. And in that positivity, she teaches that “it’s not the ‘what if,’ it’s the ‘what is.’” We can spend our days worried about what’s going to happen with this election or with the future of the world or what’s going to happen tomorrow or what if the sky falls or what if what if what if… but it’s not where our focus is to be. Our focus is to be on the ‘what is’ and the ‘Who is.’ The God who sees the big picture. The God who goes before us. The God who makes a way when there is no way. The God who, today, is the same God that was standing among the men signing our Declaration of Independence. She reminds us that our circumstances, our anxieties, and our fears (the ‘what if’s’) cannot hold a candle to the love, the protection, and the plans God has for those who love Him (the ‘what is’).

Everyone who spoke gave incredible messages (I was especially humbled to hear Dr. Ben Carson speak—so much respect for that man!), BUT, like I said, I forgot a notepad. Which means you need to go and just hear for yourself! It’s not awkward or weird, but it’s still a life-changing experience, I promise. A life-changing experience you can eat popcorn during.. I mean, what’s not to love about it already?

Pray. Vote. And remember Who is greater.

What are your thoughts on this?


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