6 NEW BABY “Must-Haves”

Now that I’ve gone through having a baby more than one time, I want to share my six favorite new baby items with you. Not an expert or anything, just sharing my experience as a Veteran Mama.

If you are a soon-to-be Mom, or you know a soon-to-be Mom, or you just became a Mom, this is for you!


You are definitely going to want these in your Mama Arsenal!

    You have probably never heard of this. Exciting, right? Something new and awesome is about to hit your knowledge bank! Gripe water is something a fellow Mom friend of mine told me about before I had our daughter. It’s an all-natural herbal USDA-certified magical elixir for hiccups, stomach discomfort, gas, and colic. Your brand new tiny little baby may not suffer from colic, but they will have the other three at some point and they will cry. They’ll cry loudly, and they’ll cry a lot. It hurts! But have no fear! Super Mommy is here! With her Gripe Water! The Gripe Water settles hiccups, the gas, and the stomach ache within a minute. A minute! Not only do we not want our babies to feel pain, but an infant suffering from any these situations is not going to be sleeping and getting the rest they need, which means neither are you. (I mean, have you tried falling asleep with hiccups?! It’s practically impossible! Side Note: Adults can take Gripe Water too!) You can find it at any drugstore in the baby medicine section, and are going to want a bottle of it in your house at all times. Trust me!


    Have you heard of this one? It’s an ointment native to Australia, and I first heard about it on an International Mommy Forum when my daughter was only a few months old and continuously getting very bad diaper rash. I tried every different diaper rash cream on the Babies ‘R Us shelf, I changed her diapers to Sensitive, I let her air out several times a day, all these things… and she was still getting very bad irritation. So I read about this ointment and figured, what the heck, I’d tried everything else under the sun at this point. Papaw is what they call Papaya in Australia, and that’s the main ingredient in this ointment. It’s for any skin ailment: cuts, bug bites, sunburn, stings, open wounds, etc. etc. Plus diaper rash! (plus cracked nipples, if you plan on nursing!) It is THE only thing that cleared up her rash! Cleared it right up. And not only did it clear it up, it cleared it up quickly! I was astounded. Seriously, astounded. And now that she’s a toddler, and a rambunctious toddler at that, I use it on her cuts and scrapes, and they are healed and completely gone within three days. No exaggeration. We don’t use a bunch of different ointments for a bunch of different things anymore; Lucas Papaw’s has taken over and it’s all we use–for everything! (Can someone say space saver!?)must-haves-5


    Let me explain this one. You need a diaper bag, duh, right? But here’s what I’ve found works amazingly… (especially if you are planning to have more than one child!) Have a wide bucket-style diaper bag that you keep in your vehicle. Let this be your Command Central. This is what will house a stack of diapers and wipes to get you through a gotta-get-up-and-evacuate-right-now-the-zombies-are-coming situation, and is what will hold changes of clothes, socks, a hat, baby sunscreen, a bottle and emergency formula, extra pacifiers, etc. etc. etc. This is something you know is always stocked and ready to go when you are and you get in your vehicle to go there. Your second diaper bag is smaller and easy to carry. I’d advise it to double as your purse, so let this one be super cute and easily manageable, because as a Mom, the last thing you need is a cumbersome bag hanging on your shoulder. This one is what you’re going to fill with absolute necessities when you’re going in somewhere: a couple of diapers, some wipes, one pacifier, an extra blanket.. whatever you personally need short-term. Plus your wallet and phone, so make sure this one has a small pocket for your stuff. Most “emergencies,” like a diaper blow-out, you are going to go deal with at your car anyway. So do both: always be prepared AND simplify for yourself! This has worked so incredibly well for me, and has continued to be useful with a toddler and a baby.


    I tried the Ergo. I tried the Moby. I tried the Baby K’tan. I tried them all. MAJOR proponent of baby wearing over here. Not only do you have your hands free, but obviously, it bonds you & your baby, and anything that bonds you with your babies gets 1,000 gold stars in my book! There is nothing more precious than holding your baby in your arms, but the next best thing is holding them while being able to get other things done at the same time (ie: make your toddler’s lunch). I found the Ergo to be bulky—just, a lot. I found the Moby to be HOT and, again, a lot to deal with; the piece of fabric is very long and the fabric made us both sweaty. I did like the Baby K’tan, as it was more breathable fabric, and a much, much simpler design; however, despite having my correct size, my babies grew out of it quickly. The Boba Air has been just all-around awesome. It’s made of lightweight, but strong, parachute-feeling material and folds up into itself into a little pack (awesome for traveling in airports), and is super easy and quick to get on by yourself. I can carry either my infant or my toddler on my front or on my back, and get them there by myself, with the Boba Air. Both my kids fit into this carrier starting just before 3 months old, so I would suggest trying Boba’s Wrap, as well! Whatever way you decide to carry, try out the Boba brand. I’ve found their carriers to be the easiest, most breathable, most affordable, and longest-lasting!must-haves-2


    If you are planning on nursing and using an electric pump, a Hands-Free Pumping Bra is going to be your new best friend. Unless you want to sit there and physically hold two suction cups on yourself for awhile, this is for you. Not only will you be able to collect your milk for your baby, you’ll be able to respond to all the texts, emails, and Facebook posts you have let fall by the wayside giving attention to your baby instead. If you plan on having to pump during the night at all, it’s nice to be able to sit hands-free in front of the TV without holding anything on yourself—more relaxing for sure! I’m going to go so far as telling you that I’ve even cooked dinner while pumping once (true story), all thanks to my Hands-Free Pumping Bra. Bottom line: it’ll make your life as a Mom easier and way less stressful.


    This needs to be one of your big-ticket items on your Registry, but it’s so beyond worth it. For me, it’s been completely multi-functional—more than just a swing. It rocks in a great variety of ways and plays different sounds (like white noise or ocean waves), as well as can connect with your iPod or iPhone to play your own music or sounds. It reclines like a hammock, so both of my children have easily fallen asleep in it, and it sits up like a chair, so both of my children have been able to be buckled in upright to ‘participate’ in what’s going on. It can also recline on a 45-degree angle, which is great if your baby is battling reflux and you need them inclined. Now that Drew is on baby food, I use it in the upright position to feed him in it, and he loves it. Plus, it gives me somewhere to dock him next to us while Maddelyn and I play so he can feel apart, too! The soft swing cover unzips and is machine-washable, and it has a fun mobile attached, also able to swing out of the way if you need it to be. I’ve been so grateful to have it, and recommend it to any new Mom or Mama-to-be.must-haves-3


So there you have it! My lifesavers with both of my kids!
I hope you found these interesting, and possibly learned about a new item.
I always love when other Moms share what they like or found to be most helpful for them.
Comment and let me know some of your favorites, too!


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    Great post! Experience is a great teacher and leveraging someone else’s experience is just plain smart!

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